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Of late, in India, individual homes are getting upgraded for a better interior look and feel. Replacement cycles for home interiors are coming down. Yucad has been in the forefront of this transformation by providing space optimisation, interior design and implementation services

We went a step ahead and created world class facility for manufacturing and finishing modular furniture. There is a myth that Carpenter services are more sustainable when compared to modular furniture service - We wish to change this impression in the minds of individuals. While there are advantages of using services of a carpenter, modular furniture takes over completely on all major aspects of interiors. Modular furniture services are faster to execute, better in terms of quality and there is adequate control on costs.

Here are the differences between a typical carpenter service and modular furniture services


Ease of Transport Raw material which is usually sheet (wood, ply, laminate, cloth, foam, etc) is transported from warehouse to customers place. Hence transport in raw form is easy Pre-assembled / partly assembled furniture is received at the customers place through transport. Hence requires additional effort to pack neatly and gets difficult
Time taken to complete All activities including measurements, sizing, shaping, cutting, attaching, etc are all completely manual. Can we 2 to 3 times more time consuming. Takes months to complete work Furniture is fabricated at factory using precision equipment and tools with adequate automation. Hence time taken to complete work is less. Takes 2 to 3 weeks for completing work
Scratches on floor and walls All work is done on the floor in the customers house even if external space is provided. Scratches on floor and walls are inevitable Majority of the work, except final fixing, is done at factory and hence negligible scratches compared to carpenter working at site
Dust at site A lot of dust gets accumulated. If the house is being occupied, it is fairly impossible to avoid. Very minimal issue with dust as most work is completed at the factory itself
Noise to neighbour Tools and equipment include drill machine, cutting machines, etc which give a lot of noise. Can be horrible for neighbours Majority of the work, except final fixing, is done at factory and hence negligible noise compared to carpenter working at site
Person dependancy Carpenters are highly unreliable. This requires heavy supervision and customers are usually at the mercy of individual carpenter. If the carpenter doesn’t turn up, it gets very difficult to replace with another carpenter who can deliver same work at same cost Factories usually have set defined processes and multiple people are made to work on same equpment and tools. Factories also works on defined timelines and assumes the responsibilities of workers leaves
Quality Low to Medium due to manual works Usually high due to automation
Edge bending quality Possibility of peeling off due to manual pasting Relatively better quality of pasting and holds for longer duration comparatively
Fixing Laminate / Veneer on Ply Usually done manually with basic tools. Application of glue is done manually and pressed with force and tied over night. Can form bubbles if not pasted properly Done through automated process. Hence, better finishing
Electricity consumption at site All tools are powered and electricity consumption is taken from consumer's place. Tends to be high Factory takes care of the electricity. Very minimal electricity consumption at customer site
What if walls are not straight Easier to adjust manually Difficult to adjust if walls are not straight at customer site. Better to go with a carpenter
Customization possibility at site Completely customizable Once design is fixed, it is not possible to change. Any changes need factory support
Costs Usually a carpenter would not know costing structures and hence cost overrun is usually upwards of 50%. Customer will be in a bad situation more often spending money over and above the planned budget All costs are known well in advance. Cost overrun is not frequent.
Wastage Manually done by carpenter and hence there is more wastage Once all designs are finalized, cutting is done automatically hence wastage is significantly minimized
Reassemble / move Removal and reassembling is not possible Can be removed and moved to another location. Easy to reassemble
Designs and types of materials Carpenters are usually not up to speed on all types of materials and designs and tools. It is possible that old designs and materials are used which tend to be expensive All modular furniture makers know most materials and designs
3D visualization Not possible as carpenters cant afford or wont have skills to get this done Possible to visualize in 3D
Warranty / Responsibility once work is completed Carpenters don’t entertain warranty. Chargeable for next visit Warranty is given by the company