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History of our creation

YUCAD is a brand of Ikon Infra Solutions. We started this over a decade ago with an intention to commoditize interior design services. We believe that living and working spaces of every individual, if created appropriately, give a sense of energy and motivation to deliver the better of one’s self. Space planning and design services have traditionally been considered as a luxury service. With the changing demographics, increased disposal income and wide awareness, there is a significant shift in people’s idea about space and design.

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Our Values / Beliefs

  • Individual’s ability to think, create and innovate


  • Every space however big or small, can be made beautiful irrespective of budgets


  • Nothing can be created overnight - It takes a lot of hardwork to win a customer


  • Great institutions are built through great processes, tools and techniques


  • Change is constant - designs have to evolve with time


  • Law of averages don’t work when we deal with individuals - either customer is happy or not


We are obsessed with quality

  • We choose our manpower
  • We train them to the core
  • We engage best machinery, tools & techniques
  • We create products with most optimal specifications
  • We deliver and execute to our best capabilities
  • We are responsible for what we deliver

Hence the only entity to assist customers with 12 months warranty

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