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Yucad over the last decade created 2 production and manufacturing facilities.

  • 1. Modular Division: All works related to Modular furniture are done here with precision machinery and tools
  • 2. Furniture Division: Carpenters and craftsmen operate from this factory for creating designer furniture

Our Modular Division

We have the below machinery - we wish to give you some information and depth into what happens through our modular machinery.

Typical process for Modular furniture manufacturing:

  • 1. Initial discussion with customer regarding house interiors
  • 2. Finalization of interior designs
  • 3. Finalization of all furniture (Modular and other furniture). At this stage, customer will be having a complete picture of how the house and furniture is going to be once installed
  • 4. Finalization of colours, hardwares, styles, materials, etc
  • 5. Commercial closure for initiation of production
  • 6. Production completion
  • 7. Quality check and labelling
  • 8. Packing and delivery
  • 9. Installation of furniture at client site
  • 10. Final commercial closure

After the stage 5 given above, the back end process gets started at our factories.

  • Process 1 Based on the client requirement, we enter all information of furniture in a software application. Application takes input of each and every piece of furniture and generates requirement of material.
  • Process 2: Required materials are procured at the factory (Plywood, laminate, veneer, wood, hardware, handles, packing material, etc)
  • Process 3: All the received raw material is quality checked at our factory and only good quality products are made available for further processing
  • Process 4: Hot Press / Roller Press machine works. This machine is used to ensure base plywood and finishing material (veneer / laminate) are pasted properly. This is a process where the plywood and laminate are placed one on other with glue in between them. The material is then sent inside the hot press / roller press machine. This hot press provides required heat and pressure whereby both plywood and laminate are attached firmly. There are times where laminate is required on both sides and in this case the ply is sent the second time into the hot press. The total requirement for the project, as calculated by software application based on inputs fed by designer, is provided into further production process. It is important to note that finishing material and base material are fixed firmly during this process. Any quality issue will create long term negative impact on customer experience. Impact can be bubble formation and if not stuck properly, cutting will also be compromised. At Yucad, all the hot press operators are trained thoroughly and they end up taking all required safety measures.
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  • Process 5: Panel Saw / Beam Saw machine works. The material made available in the previous process is then required to be cut to sizes. These can be either squares, rectangles or any other specific shapes. While a panel saw is used for cutting a single sheet, beam saw is used to cut multiple sheets into identical sizes. Panel saws consist of a circular saw and an upright framework that supports the work piece and a track that the circular saw travels along. Beam saws are typical machines that cut multiple pieces of plywood.
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  • Process 6: Edge bending works. Edge bending work, till now is the most visible work for an end consumer of furniture. This is also a safety issue and if edge bending is not done properly, it can hurt customer just like what a blade can do. This is also important as kids in home typically play on furniture. At Yucad, we have both manual and fully automated edge bending machines. Our fully automated edge being machine done 10 different process with utmost precision; pre-milling, feeding, edge bending, edge cutting, end trimming, rough trimming, refine trimming, corner rounding, scraping and finally buffing. Without an edge bending machinery, corners of furniture look quite sharp and unfinished. There is absolute no possibility for a carpenter to replicate the quality of work an edge bending machine can deliver.
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  • Process 7: Mini fix and groove making works. One of the best things about modular furniture is the ability it gives to dismantle, transport and re-create the same way it was earlier. A carpenter work can never be recreated as they are usually glued and fixed to wall and surfaces. The whole process of making modular furniture requires mini-fixes and most importantly the placement of mini fixes for various panels involved in the furniture. The mini fix and groove making machine with Yucad takes input from the software application and gives command to the drill as to where exactly it has to be done so that the male and female mini fix sides get done precisely. The same machine is also used for locks, hinges, etc. We believe, precise drilling through automated programming not only saves enormous amount of time but also improves quality of the product significantly compared to a manual work
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  • Process 8: Laser CNC machine works. This machine is used for cutting works for acrylic and corian and any other soft material. This is typically used for etching, branding for in-shop storage unit and other elements.
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Air Compressors are used for feeding high pressure air to each of the machines for all pneumatic operations. We are proud to have engineering expertise for delivering quality customer experience.


Our Furniture Division

At our furniture division, we make custom and carpenter made furniture that include;

  • 1. Sofas, Recliners, Sectionals, etc
  • 2. Dining tables, Bedside tables, Console tables, Benches, etc
  • 3. Chairs
  • 4. Beds
  • 5. Pooja Mandirs, Door frames, Main doors, etc
  • 6. Other custom furniture

All the above types are usually unique even though they may be inspired by some existing models. The whole production facility is dependant on manpower aided by tools and materials that can deliver customer expectation

  • Manpower: We have dynamic manpower deployment model. While we have in-house employees, we also have tie-ups with contract carpenters and small teams to take up any additional work load.
  • Scheduling: Basis the work on hand and priority, we commit timelines to end customers. Every piece is hand made to order
  • Machinery: Basic machinery required for processing is available at our Furniture factory. However, a large portion of it is hand processed
  • Tools: All our carpenters and employees use best available tools to deliver work faster and with finer finish
  • Training: We do have programs for employees and carpenters to improve their capability for using new tools and machinery. We do not, for now, employ unskilled workers for working on customer orders
  • Packing: Once furniture is made, detailed quality check is done and packing is done considering the distance and the mode of travel the furniture needs to undergo
  • Logistics: We have tie-ups with service providers for pick-up and delivery of furniture items
  • Installation: These type of furniture doesn’t usually require any installation but to ensure customer is completely informed, we also send our team members while delivery to take care of issues during installation